This is the bed in which I lay

The Egyptian cotton sheets I chose

And the new white duvet.

See here I have more feathered pillows than I have heads.

Oh yeah it’s the fanciest of beds.

The mattress is as luxurious as they come

It bends and folds, it massages and rolls.

The bed I lay on in is everything one could want in a bed

Made of premium fabrics and a well appointed base

It’s comfortable and soft, big enough to move around on.

But premium always comes with a price to pay

And my bed’s downfall is the costs to lay 

The expense sometimes outweighs the comfort

And other times afflictions don’t abate

The abundance of relaxation presumed is at times an illusion 

And still I wait

For I yearn to sleep 

A peaceful rest on a well deserved bed.


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