A Reflective

I can’t disolve

I can’t disavow 

The Rita Hayward or Emily Dickenson of it all

My heart is gone like Glen Miller’s band,

And the Moonlight Serenades on the ocean and the sand

Oh Poe will there ever be an end?

Or am I destined to endure this torture to my end?

The cask is full but my bottle empty

It’s the black and white movie of my life 

And Marlene Dietrich is the starring actress

While Barbara Stanwyck plays my muse and Billie Holiday sings the blues,

“All of me, why not take all of me?”

Yet the girl in me hides behind the shroud

While the woman stands firm and tall to confront it all.

The ocean itself isn’t big enough. The universe not grand enough.

And the bird goes on singing in its cage.


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