The Lonely Hunter

Tell me a story
A story about you
But don't tell me what I want to hear
Tell me what is true.

Tell me where you've been and where you want to go
Tell me about that one time...
And the other time no one knows.

Tell me something funny
If you know any good jokes
I'm only looking for reasons to not like you
And reasons to not stay.

For it has gotten complicated,
Seeing you every day
You hardly even noticed me
Until that one day.

I thought this would be easier 
To pick your brain for information about you
So that I would stop wanting to be close to you
And go on without you.

But talking to you is sometimes like talking to a wall
And words I want to say don't come out at all
And sometimes I can have whole conversations with you
But only in my mind

The reality of things is far different
From what I hide inside
And so I go on trying to not like you
But I can't stop looking your way

You haunt me in my dreams
And also during the day.

So it is true what they say
About love and about other thing
The truth goes unspoken and
The Heart's a lonely hunter.

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